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Every Child Deserves A Chance

Together we can transform the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children.

We believe that every child deserves hope and an opportunity to live a healthy, productive life to its fullest potential. There is nothing more life-changing than providing a young child with a loving home and education.

With no one to care for them, many of the orphan children suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Orphaned children are most vulnerable to poverty, sickness, and abuse. Many are displaced, marginalized and living alone on the streets. These children have lost everything. They are living without hope.

Yet, when we nurture the children, they thrive. 

It only costs $425 to care for an orphaned child for the entire year. Even a small donation goes a long way! Just visit to make a secure online donation and help an orphan like Tungpi.

Tungpi lives in Myanmar, and he shared his personal story with us.

Tungpi and his mother were out walking to the local market one day when a snarling, savage dog jumped out and bit his mom. They cleaned and treated the bite at home, but his mom became very sick. Tungpi did his best to look after her. A week later, she died. That was the worst day of Tungpi’s young life.

To make matters worse, Tungpi’s father sent him to live with his uncle so he could work on his farm. Tungpi had no future!

Several months later, Tungpi met Steven, the director of an orphanage in Yangon and a WorldServe partner. Steven convinced his uncle to allow Tungpi to move to Yangon. He now lives in a loving home with other children. Tungpi is learning to read and write, but his favourite subject is science. Tungpi wants to be a doctor when he grows up – He wants to help people like his mom, so they do not have to die from treatable illnesses.

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