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To all the incredible volunteers today we say a big thanks you! We could not do this without you!
Polished the silver for you at #worldservethrift
Always something to inspire the imagination here at #worldservethrift
Before and after pictures of this beautiful table.  Recycle reuse repurposed at #worldservethrift
Thanks Kim what a beautiful piece of Art
Worldserve thrift store# Boutique# branded items for a fraction of the price!!!!
Yee Haw... Calgary! Check us out ❤️💛💚💜
Guess what’s back??? ....Our 50% Off Rack ... It is literally jam packed with savings!!  Yahoo!!

Save Money, Change Lives

WorldServe Thrift partners with local organizations in each community to make a difference right here at home. We also make an impact globally by turning donated housewares into hope, revitalized furniture into food, pass-alongs into a helping hand. The net proceeds from our thrift store help support WorldServe mission endeavors worldwide.