Calgary Church Partnership

Your Church Makes a World of Difference!

Together we can do even more to serve our city and support the persecuted church. We would like to practically partner with you in ways that engage your church, serve our city, and support the persecuted church around the world!

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." - Hebrews 13:16

WorldServe Thrift Store aims to apply this verse in every aspect of our work. We are a Christian non-profit that serves the persecuted church. Our Mission is to "Serve Locally & Impact Globally as we strive to live & love like Jesus." The way we act out our mission is by Collecting, Selling, and Serving!

Our ability to serve the persecuted church and our surrounding community begins with the generosity of others! We start by Collecting gently used items from our amazing donors. We then clean, sort, research, price merchandise, and Sell these items at affordable prices to our loyal shoppers. The proceeds generated from our stores are used to Serve the persecuted church worldwide by helping to fund WorldServe Ministries! We also Serve the city of Calgary by donating items to shelters, food banks, and much more in our city!  To learn more about how we serve locally and impact globally, please click HERE

To accomplish this, however, we need partnerships. We must partner with God, our team, and our surrounding Church Community! We have many ways that we can partner together and would like to invite you to practical partner with us to help transform our city and serve the persecuted church around the world!

Partner With Us!

There are many ways we can partner together. Here are three of the most common options:


The Community Hub is a group of churches and businesses that support WorldServe Thrift Store’s collection network by placing WorldServe Clothing Donation bins on their property! This gives your church an accessible way for your congregation to donate their gently used items, and it helps us increase our donor base! We handle all of the collection and maintenance of the clothing bins! This is a fantastic way to practically connect your church with our community! Learn more!


We have a fantastic group of volunteers that help us serve locally every week. Our stores could not run without the army of people who generously donate their time throughout the week to do everything from sorting to selling! We love to provide opportunities for people to use their talents, gifts, and interests! This is an excellent opportunity for your congregation to engage with the local community and serve throughout the week! Learn more!


We believe prayer is the most important thing we can do as an organization. We also believe their is power in communal prayer together! We would love to partner with you to pray for our city and the persecuted church! To hear about how you can pray for us and let us know how we can pray for you, reach out to our store Manager Shelley at! Or contact our store!

We Would Love to Hear From You!

Whether you would like to partner with us in one of the outlined ways or if you have other thoughts, comments, or ideas, we would love to connect with our larger church family here in Calgary!

To reach out to the Calgary Store Manager, Shelley Henczel, directly.

          Call: 403-554-4304


Or contact our store HERE. We look forward to connecting with you!