Silver Tea & Coffee Service Set


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cSilver Tea & Coffee Service Set; This absouletly stunning tea time set comes with 5 pieces. The first piece is a lovely silver tray with different whismical designs inbedded within the tray. On either side of the tray, there are two handles for perfect transportation to and from the living room, or, kitchen. The second and third pieces which come with this set are none other than the two pouring pots. These silver pouring pots are tall and silver, with four feet per pot. They both have a long silver spout and a lid. A sort of floral design can be found on each set of their feet. The fourth and fifth pieces of this set are two little cups for possible milk and sugar. One of the two has a slit for pouring liquids and four feet, however this cup is small in size compared to the two pouring pots. The second cup has no lid, no pouring slit, yet has four feet. EVERYTHING IS SILVER. 

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