Store Policies

Store Policies

Every week, the WorldServe Thrift team receives, sorts, prices, recycles and places thousands of items for sale. The amount of incoming changes daily as do styles in a season. While the majority of our merchandise is gently used, often there are new and exceptional items received. The team evaluates every item based on its use, value, quality to determine fair and reasonable pricing.

  • Please check large bags, backpacks with the cashiers behind cash. 

  • Thank you for minding your children in the store. Keep an eye on them and with you at all times.

  • Thank you for not bringing food & drink in the store.

  • Shopping baskets available for your convenience.
  • Payment   We accept Cash, Debit, MasterCard, VISA . Nothing Personal, but no personal cheques.

  • The Price is the Price. Reductions on clothing are made on a monthly rotation.Discounted markdowns are offered as per season, rotations.

  • Untagged Merchandise  Items without tags, without price or altered tag/prices will not be sold. These items will be reprocessed and restocked the following day.

  • No Merchandise Holds: Due to the nature of our store, no holds or deposits accepted on any items.

  • Large item Purchases may be picked up WITHIN 48 hours.

  • You must bring your own help to move items out of the store. Dollies / hand carts available so you can move your item out.

  • No Return Policy: Due to the nature of our store, all SALES ARE FINAL. Merchandise is Sold as is. No Refunds. No Exchanges. No Returns. Please inspect all merchandise. We encouraged you to Test small electrical items before you purchase.

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES are available upon request.

  • Two (2) Fitting Rooms are available. Limit 4 items per room. Unwanted items may be hung on rack outside the rooms.

  • WorldServe Thrift makes its best effort to avoid acceptance and resale of recalled items. We review products for safety purposes. However due to the tremendous volume of items we work with daily, we recommend customers research product safety for themselves as well.

  • WorldServe Thrift reserves the right to remove any customer from the property it deems necessary for the safe, secure and professional operation of the retail store.  Loud, obscene and offensive behavior in any way may result in a customer’s dismissal from the store including police involvement and trespass citation if necessary.