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Annual Bake Sale

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10-Year-Old Tyler: 'We Can't Just Feel Sad. We've Got to Do Something!'

On school breaks, Tyler joins his grandparents volunteering at WorldServe Thrift store in Calgary. In March, when he heard that thieves had made off with $175 in project money being raised for micro business in Cuba, he wasn't about to let such bad news have the last word:

"We can't just feel sad! We need to DO something!" he insisted.

And do something, he did! Tyler headed up a bake sale on Saturday, March 29, to benefit Cuba micro business. He and his sister and brother ran the sale, waiting on customers and raising FAR ABOVE the $400 Tyler had hoped to bring in. In the photo on the right, he's presenting his fundraiser proceeds to store manager, Lynn Campbell. A few more items sold the following Monday to push the total up to $1301.00!

Thank you, Tyler, for your vision to help others and for your determination to overcome the sadness of loss with the joy of giving. And thank you WorldServe Thrift staff and volunteers for supplying so many awesome baked goods to help make this a success. And thank you, shoppers and friends for so generously supporting this fundraiser. It not only raised funds for micro business in Cuba, but it also raised our spirits and filled us with so much joy.